It’s been roughly 3 years since learner drivers have been allowed driving lessons on motorways. How time flies! Customers of Fantoni Driving School are often still unaware of this fact, until they are offered the chance to have a go on one. Have a look at the video in this post that was filmed just after our first ever motorway lesson!

For anyone that didn’t  know or needed a reminder, The law now states that a provisional driving licence holder can drive on a motorway under the supervision of an approved driving instructor. This law came into effect as of June 2018.

This Law was brought in so Learners drivers could learn how to:

  • -Enter and exit a motorway safely.
  • -Apply correct lane discipline.
  • -Overtake safely.


This Lesson also gives the learner the opportunity to discuss breakdown procedure on a motorway as well as familiarisation with motorway specific signs.
The lesson should be on a voluntary basis. It is then up to the driving instructor to decide whether the student is ready to drive on a motorway.

As an example, you should have already driven at higher speeds and be able to approach junctions independently.  Car control should also be at a competent standard. Your Instructor will then assist you on your lesson with road procedure and planning.

In my experience, since this regulation was introduced, the majority of learners don’t take advantage of motorway lessons as a learning opportunity. Lessons tend to be driving test orientated, as that falls more within the learner’s short term goals. This is understandable given how much freedom can be gained as a full driving licence holder. Occasionally a learner/full licence holder will ask for a motorway lesson.

Even after the change in the law which permits learners to drive on motorways, it remains the case that learners will NOT be tested on motorways during the driving test.

When motorway lessons do happen at Fantoni Driving School, they are brought in towards the, “back end” of the student’s training. If for example a student has already covered all of the driving test criteria, a motorway lesson might then become useful.

The lessons themselves are focused on increasing the student’s ability to join and leave the motorway safely. Separation distances and overtaking are also brought in when necessary and appropriate.

Going forwards, I would encourage all our students to take a motorway lesson with their instructor should they get the chance. It could prove an invaluable experience for beyond the driving test.