6 Classic New Driver Mistakes at T Junctions

In this blog, I will highlight six mistakes new drivers often make at T junctions. It’s important to note that any of these errors could result in a driving test fail. So, let’s dive in and learn from these common mistakes!

1. T Junctions and Left Turn Indicators

When waiting to turn out of a T junction, it’s crucial to be aware of drivers coming from the right who may be indicating left to turn in. Sometimes, they might have left their indicator on by accident and could actually carry straight on, potentially leading to a crash. A common mistake is attempting to pull out of the T junction before the car on the right has completed their turn. Remember, this situation would be considered dangerous by a driving examiner, so it’s best to avoid it.

2. Emerging from a T Junction onto a National Speed Road

When emerging onto a national speed limit road, it’s essential to give yourself enough time and space to do so safely. Additionally, make sure to match the speed of the traffic on the road you are turning into. It’s important not to disrupt anyone else’s speed or direction when you merge. If you’re not confident in speeding up quickly, consider finding a quiet, straight open road to practice this skill.

3. Emerging from a T Junction as the Leading Car of the Priority Traffic is Turning In

When emerging from a T junction, it’s crucial to make sure that the car at the front of the pack has fully turned in before you proceed. Remember, it’s just as important to give way to cars behind the leading car. They might be traveling at a higher speed, so exercise caution and patience.

4. Pulling Out at a T Junction Because You’ve Been Waiting “Too Long”

One common mistake is feeling the urge to move off when it’s not safe simply because you have been waiting for a few minutes. Remember, safety should always be the priority. Stay calm and patient, and wait for a safe opening before proceeding.

5. Only Looking Right Before Emerging Left at a T Junction

When emerging from a T junction, it’s important to double-check both left and right before proceeding. Many drivers make the mistake of only looking right for priority traffic. However, there can be potential risks on the left as well, such as stationary traffic, oncoming lorries, or pedestrians crossing. Always ensure a comprehensive observation of both sides of the junction before proceeding.

6. Pulling Out from Behind Parked Cars

Approaching a T junction, it’s common to encounter parked cars on either side. These parked cars may obstruct your view of oncoming traffic. In such cases, it’s important to creep forward slightly to get the fullest possible picture of potential danger at the junction. Ensure you can see down the sides of the parked cars to spot any potential oncoming traffic. Look between, over, and through the parked cars for any signs of movement.

Driving Test Tip!

Before your test, remember to wind down your driver’s side window slightly. This will allow you to hear approaching traffic more clearly and enhance your overall awareness.

We hope these insights into common mistakes at T junctions help you become a safer and more confident driver. Stay tuned for more helpful tips and advice on our driving school blog!