At Fantoni Driving School, we are definitely experiencing an uptick in demand for intensive driving lessons. Sometimes people refer to these types of driving lessons as, “intensive driving courses,” or even “crash courses.”

These driving lessons are designed to get individuals through their driving test in a shorter amount of time, compared to the more traditional weekly lessons. We feel that the popularity of these types of courses has grown. This is because:

  1. They are an efficient way to pass the driving test quickly. People who need their driving licence quickly might include a student wishing to pass their test before they head to university.
    An intensive driving course might also suit someone who wants to learn to drive quickly for a new job.
  2. As we have discussed in previous blogs, a higher concentration of driving lessons can bring down the overall cost of learning to drive. This is because of the reduced time between driving lessons.
  3. Intensive driving courses fit in with overall consumer trends. Customers are increasingly willing to pay in order to get instant results.  A quick driving test pass is conducive with this market trend.

Overall, Fantoni Driving School is firmly of the belief that the demand for intensive driving courses will continue to grow. Individuals will continue to look for convenient and cost effective ways of learning to drive. It is important to note however that intensive driving courses might not be for everyone. Certain individuals will still choose traditional weekly driving lessons as their preferred learning option.