At Fantoni Driving School, we specialise in intensive driving courses. We believe that done the right way, intensive driving courses can be an excellent way to pass the driving test quickly. 

What is an intensive driving course?

An intensive driving course is where learning to drive is concentrated into a shorter timeframe. So, for example if it takes you 6 months to learn to drive on average, this can be achieved in 1-3 weeks. 

How does it start?

To get the “ball rolling” when a customer enquires about an intensive driving course, we advise which intensive course would be right for them. This is based on their previous driving experience, if any. 

When do we do it? 

We organise a mutually convenient week that will fit in to your timetable. We can organise this around your work. Intensive courses are usually done over a period of around 1 week to 1 month. Previous customers have been known to take the week off work so that the can carry out an intensive driving course. 

The intensive can also be carried out in the school holidays for 6th formers, for example.

In the time leading up to the intensive course, the student studies for the theory test. 

Once the theory test is passed, the intensive week of driving is then confirmed with a timetable. The driving test is then booked by Fantoni Driving School for the days following the intensive course. We have a high success rate of around 75-80%. This is much higher than the national average of around 50%. Based on this, you are likely to make your investment worthwhile. 

How many hours driving per day will I do? 

This can vary from about 3-6 hours of driving per day. How many hours you choose depend on what’s right for you. Whichever you choose, your day WILL NOT consist of solid driving for that amount of time per day. Your day will be split by breaks, theory and demonstrations. You may even be surprised by how quickly the time passes.

Is an intensive driving course right for you? 

An intensive driving course can be hugely beneficial to get your driving test passed quickly. However, they aren’t for everyone. 

Based on experience, the attributes of someone who would suit an intensive driving course are: 

-Positive minded 



-self aware




Characteristics of someone who might be less suited to an intensive driving course are:

  • Very nervous disposition (being slightly nervous is ok and normal!)
  • Overly self critical.
  • Doubtful. 
  • Undetermined. 

This article will have given you a better idea of how our intensive driving courses work, and whether one might be right for you.