There can be risks associated with choosing a very cheap driving instructor.

Let’s take a look:

Unqualified Instruction: Reputable instructors are qualified and undergo training to ensure they can teach you the necessary skills and knowledge for safe driving. A cheaper instructor might not have the proper qualifications, potentially leading to you developing bad habits or missing crucial information for the driving test and beyond.

If you want to be sure your instructor is fully qualified and is listed on the ADI website (check here). Trainee instructors are also allowed to teach under certain conditions.

Limited Experience: Experienced instructors have honed their teaching methods and can adapt them to your individual learning style. A cheaper instructor might be new and lack the experience to effectively identify and address your weaknesses.

Uninsured Vehicles: Reputable instructors have proper insurance coverage for their vehicles used in lessons. It’s always worth double-checking.

Unreliable Service: Cheap instructors might prioritise quantity over quality, leading to rushed lessons or cancellations with short notice. This can disrupt your learning progress and delay your driving test.

Here are some things to consider when choosing an instructor:

Qualifications and Reviews: Look for instructors who are certified and have good reviews from past students.

Lesson Structure and Cost: Get quotes from a few instructors and compare their lesson structure, content, and cost. Don’t just focus on the cheapest option.

Insurance: Ask about the instructor’s vehicle insurance coverage for your peace of mind.

While saving money is important, remember that a qualified instructor is an investment in your safety and driving skills. A few extra pounds spent upfront could save you money and hassle in the long run.

At Fantoni Driving School we have years of experience and an enviable reputation. Taking time to understand each student’s needs and helping you feel at ease is the initial aim. Only then, can we get down to planning the most efficient route to passing your driving test.

So, when you are taking the time to find the instructor that is right for your needs, it is as important as just looking at the cost. Remember you will be spending a lot of time with your driving instructor so make sure to do all your checks before you start to avoid expensive mistakes later.

We also have many satisfied students, take a look at our Testimonials . Ultimately success in your driving test is down to the relationship you have with your instructor.