The benefits of becoming a driving instructor are: 


-Financial Rewards. 

Becoming an approved driving instructor is no easy task. The qualification exams can be very demanding and require considerable time and investment. That is not to say you have to be exceptionally gifted or talented to succeed in the driving instructor exams. Most people could qualify with a bit of determination and will power. 

 Arguably, there are few careers that can match the rewards that driving instruction can in return for the initial outlay. For example, qualification to become a driving instructor could be achieved for around £2000-£4000. It is possible after qualification to be earning £30,000 – £40,000 annually once established. Many other careers offering similar levels of income require university courses and years of study. As is well known, training for and completing a degree can cost tens of thousands of pounds. So, you can see from this that driving instruction can offer as much, “bang for your buck” as many other professions. 


-Job Satisfaction. 


Being a driving instructor can be very satisfying.  You are helping others to achieve a life changing goal of passing the driving test.  

Not only do you get a chance to, “make a difference” to other people’s lives when you teach new drivers, you also have the opportunity to become self-employed. This again has its own challenges. However, there is nothing quite like the feeling of being in complete control and in charge of your own destiny. 

Enjoying your new career as a driving instructor will be important. Your enthusiasm (or lack of!) will easily transmit to your customers. They will depend on you for encouragement and motivation, so keeping yourself in a positive and personable mindset will benefit you and your pupils greatly. 



When you become a diving instructor, you do have the freedom to choose your own working hours. This means that your schedule can be tailored to suit most family or leisure commitments. Having said this, your students will also want to have their lessons at a mutually convenient time. Demand for lessons out of school hours will be high amongst sixth formers, for example. 




Currently, the demand for driving instructors is extremely high. As you would expect, predicting exactly what will happen to the supply and demand of driving lessons is not certain. However, if current trends continue, the demand for driving instructors will only increase. 

Data from the Department for Transport has revealed that the number of instructors has decreased by 12 percent over the past seven years. Numbers have dropped from 44,569 in 2013 to 39,521 at the start of 2020. 

During the coronavirus pandemic, driving lessons were barred for around 6 months. This created a huge backlog of new learner drivers wanting to take driving lessons. This in turn has created a huge demand for driving tests.  Driving test candidates are having to wait months to be allocated a driving test slot at the time of writing (September 2021.) It could be argued that it may take months or possibly years for the driver training industry to catch up.  


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