Anyone that knows me will testify that I have been, “waxing lyrical’ about the beauty of dash cams for quite some time now.
Over recent years I have had several dash cams and have got to know quite a bit about them.
Sometimes I even think I would be quite a good dash cam salesman as I am always convincing friends and family to buy one!
Of course, I believe that my new “calling” of dash cams is not without good reason.
Imagine the scenario. You and your family member/son/daughter are enjoying a family day out and another driver rear end shunts your vehicle.
You don’t have any witnesses as there are no other vehicles around. The other driver then disputes liability and tries to argue that you braked unnecessarily in front of them causing the crash.
I am not at all saying that liability is the only thing that matters in this type of situation. However, if this were to happen and one of your family members were hurt or seriously injured, can you imagine the stress of having to recount the experience numerous times in painstaking detail?
Bearing in mind that the rear shunt is the most common type of accident, a front and rear dash cam would provide unequivocal evidence in your favour. This would be without the ordeal of having to pull together witness evidence or draw diagrams of what took place.
Another advantage of having a dash cam fitted to your car is that insurance companies often reduce premiums if you state that you own one. This could mean that drivers might make better decisions if they own a dash camera. Particularly if they know that their driving may be scrutinized should the worst case scenario happen.
Remember you can pick up a reasonable dash cam for around about £50. I don’t think you could make a shrewder investment if you care about your standard of driving. That £50 could literally save you thousands of pounds and considerable heartache.
If you are willing to pay a little more, £100 will get a dash cam that will record in high definition and will pick up vehicle registration plates from further away. I would recommend this option if at all possible.
So, as you can see I am a firm believer in dash cams. Not only would I say that they are an important piece of kit for driving instructors. I would also say they are an absolutely essential item for any driver who might care to read this article!