Dear Student,

I am writing to you to inform you of how driving lessons will be prioritised once lessons are allowed to restart on the 12th April 2021.

As you can imagine, the demand for driving lessons has increased massively in light of Lockdown especially, and we have been thinking about ways to make the best use of time for both instructor and student.

To put things in perspective, for every hour available to train students, there are 5 students who could fill that available slot.

So, driving lessons will be prioritised as follows:

  1. First priority will be given to current students with driving tests booked. Priority will be given in chronological order of driving test date.


  1. Priority will then be given to current students who have prepaid block bookings with Fantoni Driving School. Lessons for these students will restart in April. Each student will be notified of their restart date in the next few weeks.


  1. Priority will then be given to current regular students who have not paid in advance. Our advice to these students would be to get a driving test booked and give Fantoni Driving School at least one month’s notice. Fantoni driving school will then be able to tailor a programme of lessons according to the student’s needs in the run up to that student’s driving test.


  1. Students yet to start driving lessons with us, but who are on our waiting list will then be given priority. To get driving lessons sooner, again our advice would be to book a driving test and then notify Fantoni Driving School with at least one month’s notice. Students on our waiting list from before lockdown with no driving test booked will be notified as soon as lesson space becomes available.


The idea of this system is to as previously mentioned, make the best use of time and prepare each student in the best way possible. It will not affect whether each student receives the appropriate amount of training. It will however, mean that each student’s lessons will be carried out over a smaller and more concentrated timeframe. This will be beneficial to both instructor and student. Rather than, “dragging” the lessons out of a number of months/years, lessons will be focused towards a specific date, providing extra motivation.


The system outlined above will be open to flexibility and discretion where needed. Feel free to contact us to feedback any suggestions on it you might have.



(Head Instructor.)