This is a question I am asked regularly.

This article might help you to decide how many lessons you might need. A few of the current national stats might also shed some light on the issue for you.

The number of hours needed to pass the U.K. driving test can depend on numerous factors, and there literally is no “one size fits all” answer.

Having said this, the national average is around 40 hours of professional tuition combined with home practice with mum or dad . A quick foray around google will confirm this figure. Here is an example:

Some time ago a Churchill Insurance survey suggested that almost two thirds of learners required 30 or more lessons and just 10% passed within ten lessons. 7% admitted that they had required 100 or more lessons to pass. 4% take between five and ten years to pass!

As a general rule the older someone is the longer it takes to learn. However, there are plenty of examples to prove this rule wrong.

-Quick learner?

Ask yourself how long it takes for any information you are given to be retained.
If you are the kind of person that needs plenty of repetition through various means, you will probably need more than the average hours.

–Regular practice?

Will you be practicing for an hour a week with your instructor? Or will you be practicing for a 3-4 hours a week combined with regular home practice?
The difference between these two scenarios could be a matter of months. (Or years!)

-Home practice?

This might not necessarily reduce the amount of driving lessons required in car, but it could definitely reduce the time between learning.

-Continuous learning?

Taking breaks in your learning can slow the whole process down and increase the amount of hours needed. The best advice here would be “stick with it” to minimise the amount of hours required.

So, as we have seen, we have the U.K. official average, as well as a few of the typical factors that might increase or decrease the amount of hours needed.
With this article as a rough guide, it should be possible to have at least an “educated guess.”