The parallel park exercise is probably the hardest to get right under the watchful eye of a driving examiner.

The key is to learn the manoeuvre well enough for the the learning to be retained, and not learnt, “superficially”.
This means that you might have, “nailed” one attempt at the manoeuvre, whilst not being completely sure how you achieved it.
To be completely confident at the manoeuvre:

-Use reference points.

These can help you to tell the position of the car using visual cues. Your driving instructor will help you with this.


-Move the car SLOWLY.
A slow walking speed will help you with control and accuracy.
-Remember the downwards camber of the road.
You’ll probably be going downhill towards the kerb so the brake and clutch control should keep you from speeding up.
-You can make corrections but not excessively.
Remember the manoeuvre doesn’t have to finish exactly right first time. You can make minor adjustments using forwards and reverse gears. As a rough guide, be careful not to make more than two corrections, in the form of front or rear shunts.
-Park within 2 car lengths.
You’ll be asked to park within 2 car lengths of the target vehicle, however you won’t be asked to park between two vehicles. This knowledge can take some of the stress out of the manoeuvre.
Remember the manoeuvre isn’t just about getting the car into the space. You also need to know what every other road user around you is doing at all times.
Some procedural checks are absolutely essential to make sure you pass on the manoeuvre. An  example would be your, “blind spot check” before swinging out.
-Reverse cameras.
Our Students find reverse cameras really helpful whilst manoeuvring. However, be careful not to over rely on one too much during your driving test. The examiner will be looking for good continuous all around observation regardless of whether you have a reverse cam or not.
Remember, if you have any queries about the parallel park exercise, your Fantoni Driving School Instructor is here to help. Feel free to get in touch for a refresher lesson on the issue.
Hopefully, some of these tips and will give you an idea of what you should expect of the manoeuvre, particularly on a driving test.