For new drivers at Fantoni Driving School, there are updated Highway Code rules that students will be made aware of. 

The updated code introduces a new, “hierarchy of vulnerability” concerning road users. This basically means that drivers of all types of vehicle bare the greatest responsibility on the road. This is to ensure other road users such as pedestrians and cyclists are kept safe. 

Fantoni Driving School has always encouraged the use of courtesy towards cyclists and this will continue . For example, leaving 2 metres room when overtaking a cyclist is the minimum requirement on lessons.

This will stay the same under the new, “hierarchy.” Overtaking cyclists at speeds over 30mph will require even more clearance. 

The most significant change to driving lessons has been the strengthening of pedestrian priority at junctions. This means drivers should give way to pedestrians before turning into or out of side roads. 

 Previously, drivers were required to give way to pedestrians once they had stepped out into the road. 

Drivers are now required to give way to pedestrians who show the intention of crossing, as well as the ones who have already stepped into the road.

This has meant that we are now training our new drivers to be even more vigilant for pedestrians, particularly at junctions. To simplify the task in hand, we teach students to treat the entrance to each junction like they would a Zebra crossing. On the topic of Zebra crossings, it is now a legal requirement that drivers give way to pedestrians waiting to cross. 

So, here you can see we have summarised the main changes for drivers in the Highway Code.

You can see that there hasn’t been a full overhaul of the rules. However, the changes are notable. They will also influence driver decisions in certain situations whilst driving. 

You can visit the new Highway Code rules at: