It is important that driving test day runs as smoothly as possible for Fantoni Driving School students.

This article will be useful for anyone wanting to know how driving test day will run with your Fantoni Driving School instructor. 

It will start with your instructor picking you up at an agreed pick up point about 1-1.5 hours before your test. This allows plenty of time to reach the driving test centre taking into account possible traffic conditions. Usually, the student likes to do the drive as part of the, “warm up” for the test. 

Your Instructor will check you have your driving licence with you before setting off and all other relevant documents. This is important otherwise the test might not go ahead! 

The allocated pick up time will also provide enough time to practice each driving test manoeuvre if required. 

Usually students are eager to practice the vehicle check or, “show me tell me” questions. These are also revised prior to the test. 

We will arrive at the test centre approximately 10 minutes before the driving test. 

The examiner will meet  you outside the test centre at the time of the test and start proceedings with an eyesight check.

It’s important that you can read a number plate at 20 metres otherwise it is possible to fail your driving test before you turn on the engine! If you aren’t sure about your vision, the time to get your eyes checked is before you start your driving lessons. 

The driving test will take place in your driving instructor’s car so the student “feels at home” during the test.

After the test, your instructor will be waiting for you at the test centre. After you receive the result of your test, you will then be driven back to your pick up point by your Fantoni Driving School Instructor.