Your first Driving lesson might seem a little nerve wracking, but it can be both a productive and enjoyable experience
To begin with after a brief introduction, your License and eyesight will be checked, to ensure You are legally able to drive.
You’ll then be driven to a quiet place nearby to begin learning. On the way, there will be an informal discussion about previous experience of driving if any, and what the you would like to get out of the session.
If you are a complete beginner, once the learning area has been found, you’ll then be given an introduction to the cockpit drill after swapping over.
If you have previous experience, you might want to get straight into something that you might not feel confident on, for example, roundabouts.
Any driving lesson at Fantoni Driving School will revolve around the student’s goals and needs.

The Cockpit Drill.


This involves adjusting the seat for driving and correctly adjusting the mirrors. Here, you are trying to get a comfortable driving position so that you can reach the controls and see everything with ease.

The Controls.


After the cockpit drill, you will then be given an introduction to all the main controls, if you unfamiliar with them.

Clutch control is discussed and practiced if needed.
In this part of the lesson you will be given all knowledge in order to help you to move the car off for the first time.

Moving off and stopping.


You don’t have to remember every single piece of information given, as the first time you move off you will be given plenty of help in the form of talk through.

You will be given plenty of opportunities to practice moving off and stopping.
After a few go’s people usually start to feel a bit more confident and less verbal instruction is given to account for this in further attempts.
Usually, the aim on the first lesson is to be able to move off and stop with less or no help. Either is fine for the first lesson. If faster progress is made, things like quite junctions might be brought in.
If you stall that’s okay. The thing to remember here is stalling is just a natural part of the learning to drive process. It’s important to mention that because stalling can put people off learning to drive completely.
Remember, if you are learning to drive in an automatic you have the luxury of not having to worry about that.
Fantoni Driving School also offers automatic driving lessons.
The other thing to remember is that your instructor will be able to take control at any time.  All Fantoni Driving School cars are fitted with dual controls, so you can be completely secure at all times during the lesson.
So, hopefully this blog has given you an insight as to the kinds of things that will happen on your first driving lesson, if you are a total beginner.